Repair and restoration

I undertake all forms of furniture repair and restoration in Chichester and surrounding areas

Furniture Repair & Restoration in Chichester

  • Timber repair of all furniture & cabinetry
  • Restoration of old finishes
  • Repair & restoration of Veneer work
  • French Polish & Shellac
  • Cane & Rush weaving for Chairs
  • Up-cycling using Chalk Paint to re-love your older pieces


I can repair damage to a piece of furniture and bring it back to a condition where the aesthetic or the utility of the piece is not compromised. Whether the damage has occurred to the wood itself, metalwork, hinges or soft furnishings myself or my team can help.

restoration of old Finishes

The finish of an old piece of furniture gives it its character and provides protection to the wood beneath. However, the finish also provides the final aesthetic and any damage can detract from the beauty of the entire piece. We can repair most finishes and restore furniture back to its original condition.

Repair of

Many people assume veneered furniture is a cheaper alternative to solid wood but this is not true. Veneers are often used in high-end furniture and is often used in doors, cabinets, floors and worktops. If you have a piece of veneered furniture which has been damaged, we’d happily take a look!

French polish &

French polish is a technique which uses multiple thin layers of shellac, applied using a rubbing pad. It results in a high-gloss finish which brings out the rich depth of colours and the detailed grain of the wood. Furniture finished in this way is typically damaged by water or alcohol which can leave cloudy marks or by heat. If this sounds familiar, we can help!

Cane & rush

Cane and rush weaving are traditional methods for providing a comfortable place to sit! Many antique pieces will include cane or rush seats and it is often the part of the furniture which needs repairing. We have expertise to repair and restore can and rush furniture so please get in touch!

up-cycling &
chalk painting

If you have a piece which is past its best and you want to give it a new lease of life, up-cycling is a brilliant option. We can up-cycle any piece of furniture which you have and we can retain as much or as little of the original charm as you like. Up-cycling is an eco-friendly option which keeps perfectly good furniture in our lives and allows future generations to benefit from good quality furniture for years to come!

Callum delivers superior quality every time. We love his approach to furniture restoration and will buy lots more furniture from Black Rose Woodwork!